The Farrell Allen Fund

Father Larry Farrell and Howard "Bud" Allen were both long time members of our club and much beloved figures in the community. Father Farrell was known for his invocations at our club and at many public gathering. Bud Allen was a fixture in the Carmel hospitality trade. The Larry Farrell/Carmel Rotary Endowment Fund is a donor advised fund of our Rotary Club that is managed by the Community Foundation. This fund was established in memory of Father Farrell in 1983 to benefit the Monterey Peninsula. The fund has now been renamed The Farrell Allen Fund honoring the late Bud Allen whose generous donations brought the fund to a level that enables our club to fund grants of over $40,000 per year to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations.

The Rotary Club of Carmel-by-the-Sea holds a barbecue each year at Carmel Mission on the Wednesday closest Father Farrell’s birthday. Father Farrell left funds for the first barbecue as a time for fellowship and celebration and the tradition continues to this day in his memory.

Farrell Allen Fellowships are awarded to individuals who contribute a total of $1000 to the Farrell Allen Fund over time or as a one-time donation. The following individuals are Farrell Allen fellows: Howard “Bud” Allen, Harry Eriksson, Bill Doolittle, Jack Gibson, George Yates, Ron Parravano, Russ Harris, Christopher Manke, Richard Nystrom, Richard Falge, Barnie Laiolo, Roger Loper, Vance Baldwin, Clayton Neill, Jr., Kenneth King, Charles Chrietzberg, Jr., Joann Westerling, Gary Luce, John Bailey, Laurie Mac Tavish Best, Jim Heisinger, Richard Kehoe, Fred Stanley, Bob Stevens, Sue McCloud, Jim Rotter, Tom Brown, Russ Wiley, Merv Sutton, Art Schurman, Lucy Willman and Tom Olivola.